We care about our contractors and want them to have an enjoyable, safe and rewarding contracting experience. Other companies may offer high retentions that seem too good to be true…….. that is because they are! For us it’s about getting it right and protecting our contractors from the pitfalls of non-compliance.

In a world where you can be deported, banned from working or even imprisoned for flouting local labour and tax laws we ensure our contractors are secure in the knowledge they are backed by a fully compliant solution through the world’s leading contractor management organisation.

All of our solutions are fully compliant and offer you peace of mind, knowing you are able to prove you are compliant if asked to do so by your agency, end client or the local authorities.

We also help you to enjoy all the benefits of contracting, without the hassles of administration or chasing payments. You simply focus on your job whilst we take care of everything else.

CXC Global is the partner of choice for contractors for whom complying with local laws and regulations is an absolute requirement.

From setting up compliant tax structures and insurance cover, through to submitting timesheets and getting paid on time, you’ll find CXC an invaluable resource.

Wherever you work and whatever your role, we have the experience and knowledge to take the stress out of contractor remuneration.