Recruitment Consultants

A major component of our success and our main stream of business comes from the recruitment sector. We understand the urgency of contract recruitment and that often contractors will need to be mobilised in country in very tight timeframes. Our service levels and business processes have been built specifically with this in mind.

Our aim is to allow you to focus on your core business, while we support you by delivering reliable, comprehensive and compliant contractor management solutions. We will work with you to ensure our service is in line with your requirements, offering you and your contractors an exceptional streamlined service.

Our unique offering to the recruitment sector, is that we indemnify our recruitment business partners and their end users against any compliance liability when engaging contractors under one of our full solutions. We are the only company in our sector to offer this service!

Why CXC Global?

    • Compliance indemnity

We act as your compliance firewall if we engage your contractor under one of our full solutions, we indemnify you and your end user again any compliance liability. We do what we say we will do!

    • Comprehensive established solutions

All of our solutions are tried, tested and active. We offer a range of engagement structures depending on the country and what the local legislation dictates.

    • We don’t put you at risk.

All of our solutions are based around the contractor registering and paying local contributions in the country of work. We do not offer questionable A1 schemes, disguised income solutions or anything that may put your business, your end user or your contractor at risk.

    • Fast, reliable payments – on time, every time

We don’t believe in holding on to contractor payments. Our bank accounts are reconciled four times each day and payments are processed to your contractors as soon as funds hit our bank account. All payments are made by ‘fasterpay’ or international express payment to ensure they are processed as swiftly as possible. We know receiving fast payment is essential!

    • Reduced administration

We take care of as much of the adminstration process as possible enabling your contractor to focus on the job in hand.

    • No hidden fees

What you see is, quite literally, what you get.

    • Dedicated Contractor Care Consultant

During on-boarding your contractor will be allocated a dedicated contractor care consultant who acts as their main point of contact through their lifecycle with CXC. We care about all of our clients!

    • Knowledge bank

Our team of professionals are highly skilled and have extensive knowledge in contractor management and doing business overseas. We are here to support you and ready to discuss any of your contracting needs.

    • Integrity & dependability

The only management company established for over 20 years under the same brand. We currently manage over 10,000 contractors worldwide and our business continues to grow.